5 Heating Systems You Can Choose From

When the weather dips, it’s easy to find yourself turning up the heat to keep your house warm. This is why selecting the correct type of home heating system is necessary. In simple terms, the right type of heating system will reduce your thermostat’s workload and help you save electricity. This is because all heating systems have the same purpose. 

Its purpose is to transport heat to living spaces to maintain a warm and comfortable environment. Some houses have multiple heating systems, especially if they include a basement or an additional room heated by a different system from the rest of the house. 

So, as a homeowner, you should be aware of the five different types of house heating systems. And once you are done with selecting, you can contact us for heating installation in Hayward, CA.

5 Types of Heating Systems 

  • Furnace

The most popular type of heating unit is forced air distribution. They employ a furnace with a compressor fan to provide warm, conditioned air to the house’s various rooms via a duct network. Since forced air systems use a similar blower and ductwork as air conditioners, they can also be used in the summertime.

Advantage: Forced air furnaces integrated cooling and heating into a single unit.

  • Boiler

Traditional boilers use a central boiler, which pumps steam or water through pipes to radiator units located throughout the house. This is ideal for delivering targeted heating and cooling, but it is inefficient for simultaneously heating larger portions of the house.

Advantage: Provide soothing heat that does not dry out the air in the same way that other heating systems do.

  • Heat pump

Heat pumps are the most recent advancement in house heating system technology. This system uses a small outdoor compressor unit and internal air handlers that may be positioned in various rooms throughout the house. They can be a versatile addition because they can be set to air cooling mode throughout the summer.

Advantage: There is no need for ductwork, and wall units allow perfect temperature control in each area.

  • Radiant System

Radiant systems distribute heat evenly throughout the home. The majority of in-floor radiant systems employ plastic water tubing embedded in concrete slab floors or linked to the underside of wood floors. In-floor radiant heating systems that use power lines to operate with ceramic or stone tile materials are also available.

Advantage: Radiant systems deliver consistent, level, and comfortable heat throughout the home.

  • Baseboard Heating System

Hot water baseboard heater systems, often known as hydronic systems, are a modern and energy-efficient type of radiant heat. These systems use a central boiler to heat water that circulates through a network of water pipes to low-profile baseboard heating devices.

Advantage: Temperature control techniques are provided by hydronic systems.

Hire us to Install HVAC

You must have realized by now that there are several heating systems to choose the best. So, without hesitating, select the best one for your home. And if you’re looking forward to hiring HVAC experts for installation, don’t fret because we are the best option available in front of you. 

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