Air Conditioning Services In Hayward CA, Pleasanton, Atherton, Freemont, Dublin, Livermore, San Leandro, and the Surrounding Areas.

Are you in need of reliable and affordable AC services in Hayward? You have arrived at the right place. Ackley Sheetmetal offers quality air conditioning services in Hayward, CA, and the surrounding areas at reasonable prices. Our team of skilled experts is committed to delivering high-quality service and client satisfaction on any kind of AC service. Feel free to call us so we can schedule an appointment that is convenient for you.

Air Conditioning Services In Hayward CA, Pleasanton, Atherton, Freemont, Dublin, Livermore, San Leandro, and the Surrounding Areas.

Given the hot and humid climate of California, an efficiently working air conditioner is a necessity. If your air conditioner is not working properly, the hot temperature and humidity will make your life pretty difficult in Cali. To ensure that your summer days don’t turn into a living hell, you shall have timely and regular air conditioning services in Hayward, ca.

For high-quality air conditioning services in Hayward, ca, you shall opt for the technicians and professionals who are certified and known for their services. However, choosing the apt organization can be confusing. Thankfully, with Ackley Sheetmetal, Inc, heating and air conditioning services in Hayward ca is one thing you no longer have to worry about. If you are looking for  HVAC in Hayward, CA, contact us at (510) 760-9879. Our main motive is customer satisfaction.

Who We Are

We are a family-owned and operated organization, known for providing the best HVAC services in and around the area since 1984. Intending to build long, trust-based relations with every customer, we strive to provide high-quality, cost-efficient, superior products and air conditioner repair in Hayward, CA, to all our customers.

Services We Provide

The different air conditioning services in Hayward, ca that we provide are:

Air Conditioning Installation/Replacement

Air conditioning units are not a one-size-fits-all proposition. There are many factors to consider when selecting the best unit for your home, such as square footage, climate, and energy efficiency. Ackley Sheetmetal Inc can help you choose the perfect air conditioner unit for your needs and budget, and we will install it promptly and professionally. Air conditioners don’t last forever. So, when it’s time to replace your old unit, our team will help you select the perfect replacement and install it quickly and efficiently.

Emergency AC Repair/Maintenance

Air conditioners are complex machines, and they sometimes break down. When that happens, you need an experienced repair technician to quickly get it up and running again. Our team has the skills and experience necessary to diagnose the problem and immediately repair any issues you may encounter.

AC units require regular maintenance to keep them running smoothly. Our team can provide routine maintenance of your air conditioner to stay in top condition. We will also be on hand to address any problems that may arise, keeping your air conditioner running smoothly for years to come.

AC Tune-Up

An annual AC tune-up can help keep your air conditioner running properly and prevent problems before they start. Our team will clean your air conditioner, inspect all the parts, and make any necessary adjustments. An annual tune-up can also help your air conditioner run more efficiently and last longer.

Apart from air conditioning services in Hayward, ca, we are also known for other high-quality services in areas like:

  • Heating: repair, replacement, tune-up, etc.
  • Hayward Gas Heater
  • Ductless repair, replacement, tune-up, etc.
  • HVAC repair, replacement, tune-up, etc.
  • Rain gutter installation

Benefits Of AC Service

  • AC can help improve the quality of air. It can also help to regulate the temperature in your home, making it more comfortable for you and your family.
  • It reduces the amount of noise that comes from outside, making your home a more peaceful place to live.
  • Air conditioning services can also help to protect your investment by keeping your air conditioner working smoothly at its peak efficiency.

Air conditioning services in Hayward, CA, are an important part of keeping your home comfortable and healthy. If you have any questions about our air conditioning services or would like to schedule a consultation, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Why Choose Us?

Trained and Certified Technicians

We are a team consisting of highly experienced professionals who have gone through rigorous training sessions. All our professionals are certified to be quality service providers. We do a thorough background check to ensure that they are capable enough and are a safe company. They ensure that the customers are comfortable and satisfied with their air conditioning services Hayward, CA.


We are a fully licensed organization (CDL#481360). The trusted as we are certified and a renowned organization of the locality. We are bonded with the state of California with all EPA certifications that are applicable.


We tend to build long-term relations with our customers, and to ensure this, we strive to provide the best quality products and air conditioning service in Hayward, ca, at very competitive prices. 

We believe in honesty and see that none of our terms or costs are hidden in any way. We make the customers aware of every aspect of the air conditioning service in Hayward ca that they choose. Do not charge any extra money in the middle or at the end of the service. We strive to maintain transparency in whatever product or service that we are offering.

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Are you in the market for a reliable HVAC contractor? Are you looking to keep your property cool for the hot summer ahead? Ackley Sheetmetal Inc. offers quality, cost-efficient AC replacement in Hayward, CA, Pleasanton, Atherton, Freemont, Dublin, Livermore, San Leandro, CA, and the Surrounding Areas. Call us now at (510) 760-9879.

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Ackley Sheetmetal provides different kinds of air conditioning services in Hayward, Pleasanton, Atherton, Freemont, Dublin, Livermore, San Leandro, CA, and the surrounding areas. Our company is dedicated to providing our clients with the best products and services out there. Our trained and certified technicians are ready to help you with all of your air conditioning needs. Contact us today at (510) 760-9879 to schedule a consultation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Air conditioning services in Hayward, CA, include:

  • Cleaning of an air conditioner's condenser and evaporator coils.
  • Consistent upkeep of the air filter and fins.
  • Drainage cleaning and a check for leaks.
  • Air conditioning condenser and evaporator fan cleaning.
  • A comprehensive examination of the air conditioning system.
  • Check the level of coolant in the air conditioner.

Even while the air conditioner's mechanical components will continue to operate, the system will no longer be able to cool the air properly and gradually begin to sustain more severe damage.

If your air conditioner is running, but the temperature inside your home is not decreasing, a blocked or clogged condenser coil could be the reason. Check the condenser unit, clean the coil, or call for AC services in Hayward, CA.

You should expect to replace AC every 10 to 15 years. Considering that the mechanical components become unavailable or obsolete as your air conditioner ages. If you cannot resolve the repairs by replacing the faulty component, you will be forced to purchase a new HVAC in Hayward, CA.

Several methods exist for determining the cause of a malfunctioning air conditioner:

  • The airflow from the air vents is minimal.
  • Frost formation on the refrigerant lines.
  • A frozen evaporator coil.
  • Your air conditioner has a water leak.
  • Insufficient cooling (hot and cold areas, air conditioning that has trouble reaching the desired temperature).
  • Energy expenditures that are much greater than average.
  • Equipment failure.

This range does not account for your specific vehicle or location, nor does it include any applicable taxes or fees. Additional repairs may be necessary.

  • Due to outdoor temperature,
  • The hours it is used for,
  • The insulation of the area,
  • Clogged air filters

This often indicates a refrigerant leak in your system. If this is the case, your air conditioner will continue to run and push warm air through the vents as it attempts to reach the temperature you have set on the thermostat.

Air conditioner maintenance must be scheduled at least once every year. This will not only increase the effectiveness of your air conditioning system but also increase its longevity. Additionally, as a result of this, fewer repairs will be required.