How Much Does An Air Conditioning Service Cost?

Air conditioning services are vast, and a number of AC servicing firms have been created in the past few years. An AC replacement in Hayward, CA depends on a variety of factors, including location and supply of HVAC technicians in your area. It also depends on the work to be done, the service provided, and the experience of the technician.

However, the most important of all is the price structures offered by a particular service. It empowers you with the right knowledge about the industry rates and prevents last-minute research on pay rates. Here, we have enlisted the price ranges of common air conditioning services to better prepare you for your servicing needs.

Thermostat replacement

Thermostat calibration might seem too tedious especially when you have wifi thermostats that can do the job automatically. If you are looking for a thermostat replacement, search for air conditioning services in, Hayward CA for the best technicians.

A new thermostat installation costs between $200 and $550. But, the actual price depends on the type of thermostat to be installed.

Fan Motor Replacement

Most people go for repair over replacement when it comes to fan motors. But, a more energy-efficient AC can significantly reduce electricity costs which leads to more savings in the long run. Call an air conditioning service in Hayward, CA to get your fan motor replaced. 

Generally, a fan motor replacement costs anywhere around $500 to $1200. 

Replacement of AC Circuit Board

AC circuit board replacements are less common than the others on the list. This makes it difficult to find an appropriate price for the same.

A new circuit board cost ranges from $450 to $1300. The price is heavily dependent on the AC model. You can get an AC circuit board replacement by simply contacting air conditioning services in Hayward, CA.

Air Conditioner refrigerant Leak Detection and Repair

The price range for refrigerant leak detection and repair is around $150 to $500. The actual price varies based on the accessibility of the leak, the requirement of a leak test, and the type of repair work needed. When you hire technicians from air conditioning repair in Hayward, CA for refrigerant leak repair, you can ask them about their findings regarding the leak. This will help in determining the price

Air conditioner Capacitor or Contactor Replacement

The price range for a capacitor replacement varies between $250 to $350. A contractor costs a little less, with a range between $150 – $350. Schedule a service by connecting with air conditioner repair in Hayward CA.

It is important to note that all the price ranges above are general estimates and these ranges can vary depending on several factors. The most common ones include the location of the house, severity of the problem, manufacturer’s warranty, and age of your air conditioner. 

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