My Air Conditioning Won’t Turn Off! What’s The Problem?

Worrying about wasting electricity when your air conditioner won’t turn off is reasonable, mainly if the temperature exceeds what you believe is comfortable. Several defective components could cause the problem. If your air conditioning system continues to operate and does not appear to shut off, you must look for HVAC in Hayward, CA.

Some Causes for Why the Air Conditioning will Not Turn Off

The Blower Fan's Setting is Incorrect

Checking the fan settings is the easiest to start when troubleshooting a continually working air conditioner. In most instances, you should use the fan’s automatic location. It means the fan will only work while the system is heating or cooling the room. Your home will attain the correct temperature due to the fan, which distributes the heated or cooled air throughout the space.

If the fan is activated, it will constantly function regardless of whether the air conditioner is in a cooling cycle. It does not sound like your air conditioner is malfunctioning if this is the case. It would help if you put the fan to auto mode. If the problem persists, however, you will need to conduct an additional inquiry for air conditioner repair in Hayward, CA.

Dirty and Clogged Condenser

An air conditioning system eliminates warm air by rotating over condenser coils located outdoors. When these condenser coils are dirty, they cannot cool the air as effectively as they would ordinarily. The additional layer of dirt compels your air conditioner to work harder to chill the space to the required temperature.

It will likely be unable to attain the desired temperature, leading to the air conditioner constantly running to chill the room. Examining the condenser coils for dirt and debris is a simple approach to establish if this is the cause of the issue. Before retesting your air conditioner or calling for AC repair in Hayward, CA, ensure that the filters have been cleaned if it has been a while since you last cleaned them.

Contactor Switch Which has Become Stuck

When customers complain that their air conditioner won’t switch off, it is frequently discovered that the contractor has become clogged. In this scenario, the outside unit is the operational component of the system that you must examine.

The two most common reasons for contactor failure are inadequate maintenance and failure to replace the contactor as soon as the first signs of failure show. Electrical voltage spikes or under or over current can sometimes cause a contactor to become stuck in the closed position, which may require AC replacement in Hayward, CA.

Extreme Meteorological Conditions

Heatwaves are common to cause temperatures to reach triple digits. When this occurs, even the most effective air conditioning systems may struggle to keep up with the heat.

During the day, when the temperature is at its lowest, notice whether the system shuts down as planned. Calling an experienced professional for air conditioner repair in Hayward, CA, is always a wise option, especially if indoor temperatures continue to climb or you need a second opinion on the subject.

The Air Conditioning Needs Repair or Replacement

By AC replacement in Hayward, CA, and upgrading to a more energy-efficient and up-to-date air conditioner, you can save money on your monthly energy bill, despite the initial expense being a large sum you would prefer to avoid.


Contact Ackley Sheetmetal to know why your air conditioner won’t turn off and the measures you can take to address the problem and restore regular operation to your system. We can either schedule an appointment for you or accept your emergency cooling AC repair in Hayward, CA, request.