What Causes My Heater To Smell Like It Is Burning?

An unusual odor coming out of your furnace could be a concern. As a responsible homeowner, you should immediately contact one of the most professional heating in Hayward, CA. A heating system will come across different problems in its entire lifespan, and a burning odor is one of those problems.

You must remain careful on every problem your furnace faces, and the burning odor is something you must never overlook. This blog will tell you about different reasons for these types of problems.

Top Reasons for the Burning Smell from Your Furnace

The Smell of Dust Burning

A heating system operates by pulling cool air and pushing warm air into your room. Throughout this process, dust accumulation happens in the furnace.

The burning smell you may be getting ensues from this dust. The furnace burns off this dust when you turn it on. It is an usual odor as per the professional heating installation in Hayward, CA.

Dirty Air Filters

If you keep the air filters clean every once in a while, you will not get this burning odor. When the air filters become clogged with dirt and dust, the blower motor has to work harder than usual, which overheats and produces this type of odor.

If you find these filters too dirty, it is better to call one of the expert heating repair in Hayward, CA, to look into this problem.

The Moving Parts are Not Lubricated Enough

An HVAC system requires adequate lubrication to move freely. Due to continuous usage, moving parts like the blower motor, fan, etc., and lack oil.

As a result, various parts start to grind each other and produce a burning odor. You must protect your HVAC system in Hayward, CA, by providing enough oil to its different parts from time to time.

Electrical Problems

If you have an electrical furnace at home and are getting a burning odor, it can be a result of any wire burning due to overheating.

It is a significant concern that needs immediate attention of a professional heating service provider in Hayward, CA. Multiple reasons are responsible for this situation:

  • If your heating system is old enough, wear and tear are common phenomena, leading to a burning odor due to heat.
  • If the heating system installation in Hayward, CA, is not installed properly you’ll may experience an odor.
  • Faulty wiring also leads to malfunction and eventual burning of wires.

The Gunpowder Smell

When the circuit board of a furnace overheats beyond expectation, it starts releasing an odor similar to gunpowder. This burning smell is a significant sign that needs your immediate attention.

As per the HVAC specialists in Hayward, CA, a homeowner should turn off the system at once and wait for a technician’s arrival to deal with this problem. Apart from this, the smell can also ensure due to the overheated blower motor.

Something has Entered the Furnace

Sometimes kids’ play materials or plastic enter the furnace without your knowledge. At this point, the furnace starts giving off a burning odor. It can be an unpleasant experience for you and your family as you turn the system on again.

To Sum Up

You should never ignore the condition of the furnace, especially after a burning smell. Maintenance is one of the Hayward gas heater , that you must take advantage of, and to do this, hire Ackley Sheetmetal – an expert HVAC company.

We are known for our exceptional services across the region. Choose us for your furnace needs, and stop worrying. Contact us today.