What Heating System is the Most Energy-Efficient?

The rapid changes in energy needs make people reflect on energy saving and efficiency. So it is pretty natural for them to think about conserving energy and saving some money on their bills apart from the environmental cause. Now is your time to adopt something as sustainable and switch over to effective heating system options; they don’t just preserve some amount of electricity but also provide optimum service.

What makes heating systems efficient?

A heating system must be convenient to use, use up less fuel than most other systems annually, and meet the mark of efficiency. Your furnace consumes energy either in the form of natural gas or electricity. Old furnaces usually use up a lot of it but provide low to average heating, pointing to low efficiency. 

To ensure that most of the energy used is converted to heat, there is a need to rely on regular servicing or replacing it with better heating systems.

Ways to choose efficient heating units

Before heading out to look for the best heating in Hayward, CA, consider the following pointers

Compatibility of the unit with your home’s energy source.

Consider systems that use natural gas as they are more efficient than electric-powered units.

Decide the type of heating system you need.

Popular types of heating systems

Heat Pumps

One of the most sustainable systems to install, a heat pump does not produce great heat but gathers it through geothermal systems and is rated by Coefficient of performance (COP), annual cooling efficiency (SEER), and heating efficiency(HSPF). However, the only drawback is it does not work well when the temperature drops below 28 degrees Celsius, or -10 degrees Fahrenheit. 

A ductless mini-split system is the modern heat pump that has taken over the market. It has a condenser on the outside with multiple air handlers fixed on the inside walls. Rely on the Coefficient of performance to know the efficiency of a system. 1 COP means better heat pump functioning.


Furnaces are extremely common, heating not just a single room but your entire house. At times, they can run on fuel, wood, propane, electricity, natural gas, and even heating oil. Although they have a 98% efficiency from natural gas usage per the AFUE, electric furnaces have 100%.


Boilers are the least used heating systems since they aren’t great for sudden weather changes. But if you have a single room that needs heating, without the entire atmosphere of the house being disturbed, there is no better option than a boiler. Other benefits like fewer allergens and reliable and sustainable forms have encouraged people to install them. It has a 90 – 98% efficiency, according to AFUE.

Who to trust with your heating system?

It ultimately depends on your convenience and choices in life. The heating system best suited for you is the one that serves your heating needs optimally. There are no right or wrong options; there are only excellent and wrong places to look. In which case, Hayward gas heater Ackley Sheetmetal, Inc might be the contractor you have been looking for. Whether it is an unpopular boiler or a tricky heat pump, they can install, fix and schedule services as per your needs.

With 24/7 availability, heating installation in Hayward, CA, had never been more accessible! Call Ackley Sheetmetal, Inc today for unparalleled customer support and quality heating systems.