Why Do These Troublesome AC Noises Occur?

Certain air conditioner noises are typically an indication of an issue that can only be fixed by an AC repair professional in Hayward, CA. Your AC unit may be making different noises based on the location of where it’s cooling or heating your home.

Types of Noises That Come from an AC System

This blog will cover some of the most common AC unit noises and how to fix them.

• Hissing Sound

This may sound like a snake stuck in your air conditioning system. A moderate to severe air duct leak in your home could cause the hissing sound your air conditioner is making. This noise could also result from an air filter that’s incompatible with your system or an expansion valve that isn’t working properly.

If this is the case, schedule an appointment for air conditioning services in Hayward, CAimmediately to check your air conditioning system.

• High Pitch Whine

If your air conditioner has shut off on its own, it is likely due to a high-pressure side of your AC unit, and this noise can be concerning. However, don’t panic; the system has a sensor that activates to protect you from a potentially hazardous situation.

It’s important to note that none of these unusual noises should be occurring in your air conditioner, and a solution to this problem may involve replacing the belt or motor.

• Constant Vibration

This usually indicates a worn or failing coil or fan in your AC unit. This may sound very troublesome, but a replacement of the coil from an AC repair expert in Hayward, CA, or a fan replacement can fix this issue.

• Rattling or Clunking

A rattling noise from your air conditioner could indicate the presence of loose sticks, dirt, or leaves in your exterior condenser unit. To remove these pieces and solve this problem, disassemble the appliance. In the worst-case scenario, your system’s faulty electrical component could be the source of this air conditioner noise.

Sometimes this noise comes from loose parts inside the cooling or heating ductwork of your home and can be fixed by tightening any bolts and screws that may be loose. To avoid harming your air conditioner’s motor, you should get an AC replacement experts in Hayward, CAto fix this issue.

• Banging Noise

The compressor is designed to transfer refrigerant to various HVAC system components to eliminate extra heat from your home. 

It is typical for components to come loose inside the compressor as your air conditioning system nears the mid or end of its lifespan or when routine air conditioning services in Hayward, CA, are neglected.

When your air conditioning system is turned on, you can hear thumping once the components in the compressor become weak. 

Detachable parts striking the compressor’s outside framing could be the source of the noise. If this is the case, you may need a new energy-efficient air conditioner because the compressor is not designed to be easily dismantled.

For help with this issue, call a professional for AC replacement in Hayward, CA, if your air conditioner is making a banging noise.

• Clicking Sound

While hearing a clicking sound from your air conditioner at the start or end of cooling cycles may be normal, hearing it continuously is not. This could be a sign that your thermostat is not functioning properly.

It’s not simple to remove an old thermostat and install a new one, so get assistance by contacting a certified AC replacement expert in Hayward, CA, in your area.

To Sum Up

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