Why is Your Air Conditioner Leaking Water?

Every air conditioner owner is aware that it is normal for water to come out of the back end of the air conditioner while it is functioning. However, if there is a water leakage indoor or rest mode, it is an issue.

When is AC Water Leakage a Problem?

If you notice the following in your house, you need to get your AC repaired.

  • Water puddles
  • Mouldy odour
  • Peeled paint or plaster
  • Water stains and mouldy walls
  • Overflowing drip pans

What to Do Next?

The first thing to do as an AC owner is to shut down the AC and clean the water puddles to protect your house construction. The next step is calling a good AC technician to air conditioning services in Hayward, CA. Following are a few conditions that cause water leaks –

• Dirty Air Filter

Dusty air filters block the air that keeps the evaporator coils in good working condition. Lack of ventilation to the coils causes them to turn icy. Later, when the coils warm up, the air around them condenses, and water drips in the drip pan. Leakage occurs when the drip pan overflows.

• Low Refrigerant Levels

Low refrigerant levels increase the AC pressure, which then freezes the coils. Later the coils warm up, and the condensed air drips into the pan resulting in an overflow and leak. When your AC does not cool properly, or when it makes bubbling or hissing sounds, you know that it is a refrigerant problem. If you want AC replacement in Hayward, CA  at an affordable price, then contact Ackley Sheetmetal. We provide best services and 100% customer satisfaction.

• Incorrect Installation

The ideal positioning of the AC is – keeping the front end somewhat higher than the back end. This enables the condensed water to flow and exit from the back end and thus protect your interiors.

• Low Temperatures

Using AC to cool your interiors is advised when the outdoor temperature is high. If you try to cool your indoors when the outdoor temperature is below 60°, extra water builds up inside the system that then leaks. Water leaks can also happen due to frozen parts.

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• Blocked Drain Pipes

Drains pipes clogged with debris block the moisture from exiting the AC through the back end. This further causes trapped moisture, which causes water leaks from the front end of the AC.

• Detached Drain Pipes

It is common for drain pipes to loosen and disconnect due to wear and tear. However, if left unchecked for a long time, water leakage due to improper drainage can cause damage.

• Damaged Drain Pan

If your AC unit is over 12 or 14 years old, there is a good chance that it is time to replace the drain pan. Drain pans are metal containers that hold water. Therefore, eventually, they rust, which causes holes in the pan, and hence water leaks.

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• Leaking Ducts

The air ducts need to be fully sealed. Leaking pipes allow the external warm air to mix with the cold air. This causes moisture to build up in the pipes, which then leaks.

• Malfunctioning Condenser Pump

The condenser pump throws out the water in the drip pan and thus prevents leaks. A broken condenser pump will allow the water to overflow and cause leaks.

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